About Us

Community Development is a multi-disciplinary office providing a range of development services to citizens, appointed boards, and commissions.  Our Department ensures that all development is consistent with State Law and Building Codes. We work together to protect life and property, while improving quality of life and the environment. The Department is comprised of the following divisions:​​

Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division provides administrative, fiscal, and clerical services to the four divisions.

Building Permits and Inspection

Building Permits and Inspection interprets/enforces California Building Codes for privately owned buildings and structures including commercial and residential new buildings, alterations, additions and/or repairs within Sacramento County’s unincorporated area.

  • Accepts building permit applications, provides plan submittal review and issues building permits.
  • Conducts field inspections on permitted work to assure that the projects comply with approved plans and all applicable Building Codes.

Code Enforcement 

Code Enforcement investigates housing, zoning and vehicle abatement laws in the unincorporated Sacramento County. Our goal is to maintain and improve property values and the quality of life for residents, visitors and business owners.

We work to achieve voluntary compliance through notification and education. When necessary, we use legal procedures including boarding structures, removing junk and rubbish and junk vehicles, civil citations, criminal citations and demolition of dangerous buildings.

Together, we can preserve the quality of life we all expect!

Construction Management and Inspection

The Construction Management and Inspection Division (CMID) is a service organization supporting construction projects in the unincorporated area of Sacramento County. CMID maintains expertise in construction management, inspection and material testing. We provide these services on public works projects (i.e., roads, bridges, water, drainage, waste water and airport projects), County Owned building projects  and infrastructure constructed by private developers as part of subdivision and commercial site development.

County Engineering 

County Engineering includes the office of the County Engineer and provides services for the building and development community and County departments.

  • Site Improvement and Permits Section (SIPS) reviews/approves civil improvement plans and assists with various permits.
  • Surveys Section performs County Surveyor functions and reviews survey documents for public and private projects.
  • Special District​ Section oversees public infrastructure financing plans and establishes/manages special financing mechanisms including development impact fees, Mello-Roos CFDs, and assessment districts.​ 

Planning and Environmental Review

The Office of Planning and Environmental Review (PER) provides a range of land use planning services that includes:

  • Accepting and processing land use development applications
  • Assessing environmental impacts  and preparing environmental documents
  • Monitoring mitigation actions.
  • Oversight of Countywide policy and standards through the General Plan and Zoning Code maintenance and updating.​ ​
  • Contact Planning and Environmental Review​​