Development Guide

​About the Development Guide​

The Sacramento County Development Guide provides information on successfully completing your project within the unincorporated areas of the County through various County development departments. 

Development projects may range from installing a new water heater to a more complex land development project, such as subdividing or rezoning land. 

This guide is intended to help you prepare for the County’s Development Process. 

Development Process: Step 1 Customer Concept. Step 2 - Planning & Environmental Review. Step 3 - Civil Improvements and Grading Permits. Step 4 Building Permits. Step 5. Construction & Inspection. 

Highlights of this guide include: 

  • Description of the Development Process: 
    • Planning and Environmental Review (Entitlements)
    • Civil Improvement Plans and Grading Permits
    • Building Permits
  • Workflow processes
  • Online resources
  • Contact information
  • Frequently Asked Questions

More to come! 

Check out the Development Guide​ for yourself! A more detailed look at the land development process is coming soon!